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Refund Policy

User may request a refund on any prepaid amounts based on the prorated usage of the circuit on a per day basis. Refunds are issued for the following reasons:

  1. Service was not operational due to reasons under the control of Rodeo Internet Service and confirmed by the Rodeo TAC (Technical Assistance Center) and cross referenced with a trouble ticket.
  2. An act of God that causes the service to become unusable or unstable, and the issue is reported by the Customer to the Rodeo TAC

Refunds may be applied to the following month’s bill by the Rodeo Finance / Accounts Receivables department, or given a credit back to the credit card that secures the account. Commercial users may only get a credit to their future bill.

Any time the service is unusable for more than 25% of any given month, the ENTIRE month shall be credited back to the Customer. Should the service be unusable between 98.9% and 74.9% the customer MAY REQUEST a refund (pro-rated) for the period of time the service is unusable. The Customer MUST contact Rodeo Internet Accounts Receivable department Monday – Friday 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM at:

In some cases Rodeo Internet will not provide refunds. These reasons are generally those related to customer abuses, mis-configuration of customer owned networking equipment, changes in the physical environment near the CPE, extreme weather, or things beyond the reasonable control of Rodeo Internet (such as downline providers going off-line).

Reasons that refunds are not provided:

  1. The Customer has NOT fulfilled the term of their contract.
  2. The Customer has damaged equipment or placed an impediment to the operation of the network.
  3. Major POPS on the internet lose trunking (AT&T might lose a “node” or something in Seattle that causes a network leg to go “dark” – thus affecting the network locally).
  4. The Customer router/wireless access point is not configured correctly or they change configuration on their equipment
For these and similar reasons, the Customer will NOT be due a refund.

It is the goal of Rodeo Internet Services to provide the best Customer experience, and internet experience possible. To that end, Rodeo wants to operate transparently and fairly with its customers and provide excellent customer service with clear and concise policies. Thank you for choosing Rodeo Internet Services, we look forward to serving you.